How to Restore Your Maiden Name

Divorces ultimately lead to a lot of personal changes. No matter how long you spent with your spouse, it is a huge adjustment back to single life. You may be moving out of your family home, you may have to split the finances and the visitation schedule if you have children. The truth is that you have to go through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Despite how these changes are often for the better if you chose to divorce your spouse, you may still feel overwhelmed. When it comes to changes, what about your last name? If you changed your last name when you were married, you may be wondering how to change your legal name back. Is it possible?

How to Change Your Last Name

On your divorce forms, you will find an area where you can request a name change or request to restore your maiden name. This is the form that you can use to change your name back to your maiden name. In your final divorce decree, you will want to make sure that it mentions the name change. Then, you can use the divorce decree to change your name at the SSA, DMV and the bank.

Now, if the divorce decree does not have the name change and you are not allowed to alter the decree, there are other ways that you can receive a name change. While it is easiest to have the divorce finalized with the right language to change your name, sometimes this does not happen. If you do not have a request of a name change, then you will have to go through a little more work. You would need to use documentation with your former name and change it. As long as you plan to take your maiden name back, there should be less problems. It is much more complicated if you want an entirely different name. With a maiden name, you should have proof that it was your name.

It is possible for you to reclaim your maiden name after your divorce. While some people may choose to keep their married name, most want to return to their former name and they want to do so quickly. If you do not have the name change as a part of the divorce, there are ways that you can change it. If you need help with your name change or any other part of the divorce, then consult with an Arlington family lawyer as soon as you can.

Thanks to Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC for their insight into family law and restoring your maiden name.