Leading Cause of Accident Death for Seniors: Falls

Leading Cause of Accident Death for Seniors: Falls

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Most adults don’t give much thought to falling unless they are in a hazardous situation, such as walking on an icy sidewalk. However, falls are often a concern for senior citizens and residents of nursing homes. This is because a fall can cause serious injury or even death for an older person.

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding falls for seniors are alarming. Falls are the leading cause of death and injury for people 65 years or older. In one year, approximately 30 million seniors suffer falls. Three million victims require emergency medical treatment, with almost 100,000 end up being admitted to the hospital for treatment. More than 30,000 of senior fall victims die as a result of the injuries they sustain in the fall.

And these numbers continue to rise every year. There are about 10,000 people in this country who turn 65 years old each day, increasing the number of seniors in this country and increasing the number of potential fall victims.

Many victims do not share with anyone if they have fallen, especially if they live alone. This is often because they are embarrassed, or they are afraid that their family will use this as a reason to have them placed in a nursing home. When this happens, not only are they at risk of having injuries that don’t get treated but there are also no steps taken to make sure the victim does not fall again, putting them at even greater risks.

Falls at Nursing Homes

Many falls seniors suffer happen when they are under the watchful eyes of nursing home staff. Although there is no way to prevent every fall, nursing home staff need to be vigilant in watching and caring for residents. For example, many residents need help getting in and out of bed, need help going to the bathroom, and other activities. This can be due to age, medical condition, or medication that they are taking that can have an effect on their balance.

When a resident is known to be at risk for falling is injured because staff failed to provide proper supervision, the nursing home could be held liable for the injuries the resident has suffered. This could legally be deemed as negligence and the nursing home could be held responsible for the resident’s medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and more. A nursing home abuse attorney can help you pursue this type of case.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney for Help

If you believe your elderly loved one has been injured due to negligence of nursing home staff, contact a compassionate nursing home neglect lawyer in NJ to find out what legal recourse your family may have against those responsible for your loved one’s injuries. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact a law office today.


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