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MVA Lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah Teens, Car Accidents, and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident? Have you sustained financial losses due to medical care, loss of income, and more? If so, an MVA lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah would like to speak to you. At Rasmussen & Miner, we offer case reviews to victims and their loved ones who have been affected by a car accident. 

Please know that you do not have to risk losing everything, and cope with physical injuries, because another person was negligent or careless. As a car accident lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah families have trusted for years, we know you may be facing a copious number of challenges. We are standing by and ready to assist you with everything you may be struggling with. Our firm has decades of experience in fighting claims and lawsuits on behalf of people who were harmed by negligent actions. If you would like to explore your legal options, and find out whether or not you have a valid legal claim, please call a Salt Lake City, Utah MVA lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner.

Protect Yourself After a Motor Vehicle Accident

At Rasmussen & Miner, we believe justice should be sought whenever a person suffers harm at the hands of another person or party. Although our Salt Lake City, Utah MVA lawyers cannot change the past, we may be able to secure damages that will cover your losses, as well as those that are prospective, and will be needed in the future. Following a motor vehicle accident, there are certain things you should avoid:

Apologizing – Regardless of what happened, or whether you believe you are partially at fault, you should not apologize. By doing so, you may give the insurance party the right to argue that you are in fact to blame. 

Talk with the Other Side – As an MVA lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah families trust, we would like you to understand that you should not talk with the insurance company belonging to the other side (the defendant). They will likely try to contact you, but you don’t have to talk with them. As friendly or convincing as they might sound to you, they are not on your side. It is certainly possible that you will be told not to contact a lawyer, or that you should “really accept our offer”. This is a common tactic. Don’t fall for it. Call an MVA lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner.

Listen to Your Doctor – Your doctor might tell you that you should, for example, go to a physical therapist every week, take steroid injections to alleviate pain, or have a surgical operation. In general, you should follow every single order. Failure to do so could look as if your injuries are not as bad as they say they are. If you don’t agree with what your doctor is saying, you could consider getting a second opinion, but you should not ignore it. 

Call a Respected MVA Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Rasmussen & Miner seeks justice for those who have been affected by a motor vehicle accident. If you would like legal help, call an MVA lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah has to offer, call Rasmussen & Miner.