New York Takes Steps to Decriminalize Prostitution

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Law makers in the state of New York are presenting a general bill to decriminalize prostitution in the state. Right now, it is vague how this would look like, but the idea is to cease treating sex workers as criminals. The bill would make selling and buying sex legal under specific circumstances. And push to provide safer working conditions for sex workers. Currently, Nevada is the only state in the United States where prostitution is legal under certain circumstances. In the world, there are places where huge corporations came from prostitution, other countries have strict enforcement towards illegal prostitution.

New York is home to many corporate headquarters, but could it become a home to a new business in the sex industry? A prostitution offense, if convicted, is classified as a misdemeanor with a fine up to $500 and/or up to 3 months in jail. Prostitution is defined as committing sexual activity for money. These activities can range from intercourse between people, buying and selling of photographs that display intimate body parts. Some are against prostitution because of society stigma, others see it as a business. In Germany, this business is booming.

In 2002, Germany legalized prostitution, then a company known as Paradise emerged. This franchise is growing with 5 branches and 3 more under way. Germany did not create this business instead it provided appropriate ground for it to flourish. The laws that were put into place were to treat prostitution like a regular job, where those employees can rightfully sue for payment and register for health insurance. Exploiting prostitution is still a criminal offense and sex trafficking is still considered a serious offense. What Germany did is give these sex workers rights and a voice in the legal system.

However, there are other countries were prostitution is illegal and highly enforced. In Egypt, when caught in the act of prostitution, it is the prostitute who will face the heavy legal consequences. Also, there are concerns that legalizing prostitution will increase sex trafficking and the possibility pimps will not face legal penalties. Today, through modern communications such as social media and emails, scams of human trafficking are increasing all over the world. Which is a concern for law makers in New York are voicing towards this bill.

In New York, law makers are pushing to give sex workers better working conditions as a normal employee. Others bring the concern as a possible gateway for increase in human trafficking. All eyes, including those of an Arlington, TX criminal defense lawyer, are on the New York law makers and what they will do next.



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