Personal Injury Damages You Might Be Able To Claim

One of the most confusing parts of an injury claim or lawsuit is figuring out exactly what kinds of damages you might be able to claim. While it might be most beneficial to speak with a local Salt Lake City UT personal injury lawyer about your own case for specific information, here’s a quick look at some of the damages you might be able to claim:

  • Medical care: Immediate medical care costs are some of the most basic damages that could be included in an injury settlement. These costs could include everything from ambulance fees to medical appointments.
  • Ongoing rehabilitation or therapy: If an injury results in disabilities or simply requires ongoing care, an injury settlement may be able to compensate for these costs. A personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT can provide might wish to work with relevant doctors or medical professionals to determine a reasonable prediction of future medical costs.
  • Pain and suffering: Damages included under “pain and suffering” are often used as a punitive measure against the responsible party. These damages are sometimes also used as a way of legitimizing the victim’s pain and acknowledging that the injuries were substantially disruptive.
  • Lost wages: When an injury requires time for recovery, the individual may find that he or she need to take substantial time off from work. Lost wages could be exacerbated if the individual sustains a long-lasting injury or even a permanent disability that impairs his/her ability to return to work.
  • Emotional and psychological pain: It may also be possible for individuals in severe accidents to sustain traumatic psychological injuries. These could potentially be included under “medical costs” if treatment is required (e.g., therapy and/or medication). If an injured victim sustains injuries that severely impact his/her relationship with a spouse, loss of companionship may also be included in this segment. These damages certainly cannot be “fixed” with any amount of money, but as a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City UT might explain, it can assist the victims and their families throughout recovery.
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