What Happens in a Car Accident

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Extent of Injuries Can Depend on Many Factors

Whether you were injured in a head-on collision, a rear-end collision or a T-bone accident, the extent of your injuries may depend more on speed and your position in the car than on the amount of damage to your vehicle. If you were at a stop sign, leaning over to retrieve an item from your glove box when the accident occurred, the injury will be more severe than if you were sitting up and prepared to absorb the collision.

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Injuries and Vehicle Damage

Insurance companies may claim that a lack of damage to a vehicle means the occupant could not have been seriously injured. However, crush zones in cars are designed to absorb the energy of collision. If your vehicle was not severely damaged, it doesn’t mean that you weren’t hurt.

Getting Immediate Medical Treatment

You may not feel pain after an auto accident because you are stunned. However, you should not assume you are OK and go home. Once you get home, you may experience serious inflammation, swelling and pain. Nerves can become impinged and inflamed. It may even take a day or two after the accident before symptoms present themselves.

After accidents, it is quite common for a victim to turn to the Yellow Pages to pick out a chiropractor to massage and manipulate their back and neck. However, a chiropractor usually cannot treat a medical condition such as slipped disk or impinged nerve.

Our personal injury lawyers always recommend that injured people start at the top. If you have back or neck pain, see a spinal doctor or a neurologist to find out if there might be something seriously wrong with you. Our attorneys will serve as your advocate to ensure you receive appropriate treatment after your accident.

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