Spinal Cord Injuries

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Finding Financial Recovery after Spinal Cord Injuries rasmussen and miner spinal cord injury

Back and spinal cord injuries are devastating to both the individual and his or her family. The medical bills can be overwhelming and rehabilitation can take months, even years. And once the injured person is released to go home, the costs to cope with day-to-day living continue. If your loved one has suffered paralysis, you may need adaptive equipment or home remodeling to accommodate a wheelchair.

If you or your loved one suffered a back or spinal cord injury because of the negligent or reckless actions of another, you have a right to receive compensation for your injuries. The physical challenges may not go away, but the worry about medical bills and your family’s financial future can be eased.

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Where Your Spine is Injured Can Impact Outcomes

The spinal cord is an amazing piece of genetic machinery. It not only keeps us upright and facilitates movement, it is also the central highway connecting our nerves to our brains. Unfortunately, if any part of the spine is damaged, the consequences can be devastating. When accidents occur and spinal injuries result, it’s important to explore your legal options with the assistance of a Utah spinal cord injuries attorney from Rasmussen & Miner. We’ll handle the legal “heavy lifting” so that you can focus on your recovery while we obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. 

Vertebrae along the spine are grouped into four regions. Your symptoms and long-term consequences will differ depending on which region was damaged:

Cervical spine (the neck): This is a small region of the spine, but because of its proximity to the head and brain, any damage in this area is highly consequential. Injuries to the cervical spine can result in quadriplegia/tetraplegia – either complete paralysis below the neck or severely limited sensation and movement. Severe injuries in this area of the spine can also be fatal.

Thoracic spine (upper and middle back): The nerves running through is part of the spinal cord control the sensation and muscle function throughout your torso (front and back). Damage to the thoracic spine can cause nerve damage in your torso and/or could lead to paraplegia (reduced or lost use of your legs).

Lumbar spine (lower back): the five vertebrae in your lumbar spine are larger than others because this part of the spine carries the most weight. Those who experience lumbar spinal cord damage can suffer from paraplegia or loss of function in the legs/hips and the loss of voluntary bladder and bowel control. Depending on the severity of the damage, the person may be confined to a wheelchair, or he may be able to walk with the assistance of braces.

Sacral spine (just above the tailbone): The nerves in this section of spine are responsible for control of a person’s sex organs, bowel/bladder and other organs in the pelvic region. Of all sections of the spine, injuries to the sacral spine are the rarest. If damage occurs, the victim will likely retain the ability to walk, but could suffer reduced function in the hips and legs. He or she may also lose bladder/bowel control.

A Note About Levels of Damage

Utah spinal cord injuries are typically classified as “complete” or “incomplete.” A complete injury results in permanent damage. Conditions like tetraplegia and paraplegia are the result of complete injury. Incomplete injury describes partial spinal cord damage. Recovery of movement and sensation long-term is often possible, but the extent to which one can recover depends on the severity of damage.

Because spinal cord injuries are so complex and can impact so much of a person’s bodily function and sensation, it is critical for victim’s to be assessed and diagnosed by highly experienced medical professionals. When it comes time to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party, it will be important for our Utah spinal cord injuries attorney team to understand the extent of the damage and the likelihood of recovery. 

Why You Need an Experienced Legal Advocate

There are two important elements to a successful personal injury claim in a spinal cord injury or back injury case. The first is understanding the full scope of the injuries and permanent or temporary disability. The second is understanding what the injured person will need to make the fullest recovery possible, whether that is a full physical recovery or the skills and resources to live life as independently as possible.

By working with medical and rehabilitation experts, occupational therapists, and even economists, we build a clear case for compensation for physical recovery and a full life. We have worked with clients who have suffered catastrophic spinal cord injuries and back and neck injuries from:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Recreational Accidents and Sports Injuries
  • Bike and Pedestrian Accidents
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
  • Surgery and Surgical Errors

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