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Severe Injuries from Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks are often the most devastating types of crashes. The injuries suffered by victims are usually catastrophic – and often fatal. This is because these vehicles are massive in size and weight, especially if the truck is loaded with heavy cargo. The impact when a truck slams into a smaller vehicle or rolls over on one leaves those in the other vehicle suffering terrible and tragic injuries.

Because of these injuries, the amount sought in truck accident claims and lawsuits is often astronomical, with many victims needing life-long medical and personal care. This makes these cases even harder to resolve in the best interest of the victim because insurance companies fight to avoid paying victims the financial compensation they are entitled to.

Another reason why these cases are more complex is that there are often more than one liable parties who should be held responsible for the victim’s losses. For example, if the truck driver is at fault for the crash, the trucking company they work for is ultimately liable for the driver’s negligent or reckless actions.

The following are the most common types of injuries that truck accident victims sustain. Having a dedicated and experienced truck accident lawyer can make all the difference in the ultimate outcome of a truck accident case.

Brain Injuries

There are two different types of brain injuries a truck accident victim can suffer – a closed head injury and an open head injury. These injuries are just like they sound. With a closed head injury, the head slams against an object and there is damage internally. With an open head injury, something penetrates the head and penetrates the skull.

Brain injuries can range from mild to moderate to severe. However, even a mild brain injury, such as a concussion, can result in long-term health issues if it is not addressed right away.

Crush Injuries

Crush injuries can result in lethal injuries, including brain cell loss, and brain damage. There is also the risk of fracture bones and nerves being compressed.

Internal Injuries

The force of the impact and the body being slammed around can cause injuries to internal organs, including the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, spleen, and stomach. Unfortunately, symptoms of internal injuries can take hours or even days to make themselves known and by the time the victim realizes something is wrong, they could be dangerously close to death. This is particularly true with internal injuries. This is why all accident victims should seek medical attention immediately following the event.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord can leave a victim paralyzed. The different levels of paralysis include paraplegia, triplegia, and quadriplegia. When a truck accident victim suffers a severe spinal cord injury, they often have other medical issues to deal with. For example, a person who has been left quadriplegic (all limbs paralyzed) often has issues with breathing and other bodily functions.