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How Uber and Lyft Accidents Are Different From Other Vehicle’s

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More and more, rideshare methods are becoming a common way to travel. Rather than take a taxi or public transportation, people are using Uber and Lyft on vacations, on business trips or even for getting around their own hometowns. These vehicles are subject to the same risks on the road as any other automobile. Accidents can occur while riding in one, whether the fault is another driver’s or the person operating the Uber or Lyft you are traveling in. There are some differences between these incidents and those in other cars.

How They Work

Unlike a taxi or bus, a rideshare driver is operating his or her personal vehicle, not one owned by the company. Uber and Lyft hire freelancers, who then pick up passengers in the area who schedule pickups using a smartphone app. Both Uber and Lyft have insurance on the vehicle while the driver is operating it for the company. On top of that, the driver must also carry personal auto insurance.

Who Covers What?

Auto accidents can be complicated, but they are often cut and dried when it comes to determining who is at fault. The same is the case for what auto insurance will pay claims. For Uber and Lyft accidents, these matters work a little differently. If another driver collides with a rideshare vehicle, and you are injured, you should file a claim with that person’s insurance. However, if the Uber or Lyft driver is to blame for the accident, one or two insurance companies may get involved. Uber, for example, carries up to $1 million in insurance per incident if there is a passenger in the car or if the driver is on the way to pick someone up. If a rideshare driver hits another vehicle, causing injuries, the policy will pay up to $50,000 for injuries and $25,000 for property damage. Though a driver’s personal insurance may cover more than this, as an injured passenger, you may have to go through Uber or Lyft first.

At Attorneys Help

If you are injured in or by a rideshare vehicle, you should contact an experienced car accident lawyer, like from Davis & Brusca, right away. Your lawyer will have the knowledge and training to work directly with the insurance companies to protect your interests.

Uber and Lyft insurance policies are designed to protect the companies. You will need someone on your side who will make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

3 Ways to Get Through a Construction Zone Safely

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Improvements in roads lead to safer driving conditions. However, the process for those improvements may involve changes in the flow of traffic and the overall condition of the road for a while. Road construction can be a hassle for commuters because of the delays it may cause by forcing drivers to divert to alternative routes or sit in endless lines of traffic. Aside from creating diversions, these areas of a road can also be the most dangerous for drivers. Construction zones may create hazards for drivers and workers alike. Reflect on these three tips to help you navigate through a construction zone safely.

  1. Stay Alert

When crews go out to work on a road, they may do so around the clock. To improve a road, crews typically have to tear it up, so they often close lanes. Those working on roads utilize barricades, flashing warning signs and traffic cones to help alert drivers to a change ahead. However, drivers must be paying attention to see these warning signs effectively. Therefore, keeping your eyes and mind on the road ahead is critical. Distractions inside the car, like cell phones and GPS instructions, may create a distraction, and you may miss the clues that there is construction ahead. Failure to pay attention in or near a road construction zone causes accidents involving other vehicles, construction equipment, and even the workers themselves.

  1. Slow Down

Construction zones appearing on highways may be inconvenient for many reasons, but especially for the change in speed limit. Often, the speed limit approaching and in a construction zone is substantially lower than usual. On a highway, this may mean going from 70 to 35 quickly. If you are not paying attention, you may plow into the vehicle ahead. The failure to slow down in a construction zone can also prove devastating. Cars that speed through these areas when people are out working may strike a worker and kill them.

  1. Find an Alternate Route

The safest way to deal with construction zones is by avoiding them if possible. It may seem inconvenient to route yourself around construction, but it may be safer than trying to make your way through it. While you may be cautious around roadwork, others may not be. Thus, you may find yourself a victim of an accident in these areas.

A car accident lawyer can help you should you find yourself in an accident. Since your injuries may require medical care, you may want to consult with someone, like a car accident lawyer from Johnston Martineau, PLLP, in your area sooner rather than later.

How Are Taxi Accident Claims Different?

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Taxi cabs transport thousands, even millions, of people every day in large settings and small towns all over the country. As a result, crashes involving cabs are common. If you are a passenger in a taxi cab accident, or if a taxi driver hits your car, you should be aware of your rights and how to protect them.

How Are Taxi Accident Claims Different?

When you are involved in a taxi cab accident, you still have the right to file a claim for damages, just like you would in any other car crash. However, because taxi drivers are mostly self-employed or working as contractors, they may fight harder against your claim. Paying out damages may affect a driver’s ability to earn a living.

What Happens If a Taxi Hits My Car?

If your car is hit by a taxi, the accident is treated like any other incident involving two vehicles. The person filing the claim for damages must prove that the other party is at-fault and substantiate the amount of money demanded. If you can demonstrate that the cab driver caused the accident and show why you are asking for the amount of your claim, you may be able to win the argument.

What Happens If I Am Injured While Riding as a Passenger in a Taxi?

If you are injured while riding in a cab, the accident is like any other with an injured passenger. Either the taxi driver or the driver of another vehicle has the liability, so you don’t have to prove that point. You would file your claim against whichever driver is deemed negligent. Sometimes you will file against both drivers, and they sort out liability between themselves.

What Should I Do to Preserve My Rights?

If you can do so safely at the scene, get names and contact information for everyone who was part of the accident as well as anyone who witnessed it. Take pictures of the surrounding area, the cars, and anything else that might be relevant. Be sure to take photos from different angles so that you capture various details. Call the police and get an accident report. In most states, law enforcement must be called if the accident causes injuries or property damages.

Where Can I Get Help With a Taxi Accident Claim?

The best way to preserve your rights and make sure you get the compensation you are due is to hire a competent and experienced car accident lawyer. Laws vary from state to state, so it is essential to choose a professional who understands your local rules and procedures.

Uber Accident Claim

Car Accident Lawyer

If you experienced injuries as a passenger in an Uber accident, amidst the pain and recovery process, you are probably wondering how much your accident claim is worth. A car accident lawyer has the ability to assist you by reviewing your case and determining the value of your claim. While a lawyer may not know the exact number for you, they can provide you with a ballpark figure based upon the details of your case. 

Why a Lawyer Can’t Give You an Exact Amount

It would be unfair for a lawyer to give you an exact amount for a settlement that you have not pursued yet.The reality is that you cannot really know until the negotiation process reaches a resolution. While a lawyer will certainly work to review your case and understand all key details, they cannot provide you with an exact amount. However, a car accident lawyer will provide you with their best estimation at what your case may be worth. Often this is based upon the details of your case. This can be critical for accident victims in determining whether it is in their best interest to pursue their case. Additionally, this is often the number that your lawyer will look to achieve during negotiations with the insurance company. 

Elements Your Lawyer Will Look For

In the wake of an accident, chances are you will be wondering what your accident case is actually worth. This is critical when making decisions regarding whether you will move forward with your case. When determining the value of your case, your car accident lawyer will look to a number of elements to make this decision:

  • The damages you have experienced
  • The evidence you have in support of your case
  • The likelihood that they will be able to prove the other party liable
  • Whether comparative negligence is a factor
  • Whether they have the ability to tie your injuries to the accident

When a lawyer takes the time to value an accident claim, they will also be assessing the likelihood that they will receive an outcome that is favorable to you. It’s important to note that lawyers working on a contingency fee basis are not likely to take on cases that they are unable to reach a resolution for. 

Requesting Compensation from the Insurance Company

When requesting compensation, a car accident lawyer will work to determine that all key elements are present, compile the necessary evidence and put together a demand letter for compensation. Once this has been submitted to the insurance company, they will assign the case to an insurance adjuster and review the case. At this point, negotiations will begin. It’s not uncommon for the insurance company to provide you with a less than stellar offer to start. Keep in mind that this is just a starting off point. When an accident was the result of an Uber driver’s negligence, you may be left facing an incredibly complex situation. Your lawyer can help you pursue this process by first determining who to take legal action against. 

Any type of car accident involving an at fault driver is certain to have an impact on the person who sustained injuries. When Uber is involved, you may be left unsure of who to pursue your claim against. Working with a car accident lawyer can assist by reviewing your claim, assigning value to your claim and negotiating a settlement that is in your favor. For more information about how an auto accident lawyer can help you, contact an experienced law firm today. 


Tips for Protecting Yourself Before You Access Uber

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Uber provides services to riders that are both convenient, fast and cost efficient. This has resulted in companies like Uber making them accessible to customers in many cities across the US. Because of this, the popularity of Uber has skyrocketed. However, it’s important to be aware that when accessing Uber services, you could still put yourself at risk for an accident occurring. Additionally, there have been other types of incidents that have put the safety of riders at risk. Some of the time, it may be in your best interest to contact a car accident lawyer for help. Here are some tips to keep in mind before hopping into the passenger seat:

Tip #1: Check the Driver’s Rating

Most Uber drivers pay attention to their ratings. This is because should their rating take a dip, they could lose their ability to drive for the company. Checking the driver’s rating is an important step to take when you book a ride with Uber. Uber ratings are based on previous rides provided to customers. If a driver’s rating is too low, you have the ability to request another driver. 

Tip #2: Choose Your Seat Wisely

This can be a challenging decision, and not one that you are likely to spend too much time mulling over. While riding in the front passenger seat can be safer in the event of a car accident, the back seat may be safer when it comes to protecting yourself from a potentially unsafe Uber driver. This is because the backseat provides you with multiple exits and distance from the driver. 

Tip #3: Share Your Location with Loved Ones

Uber now offers the ability for riders to share their route with loved ones. This is an essential safety feature that allows those close with you the ability to track your status. This can help to ensure your safety when accessing Uber services. 

Tip #4: Verify Information

This is critical as failure to do so can be detrimental. Before hopping into the backseat of a car that you believe to be your Uber, there are a few things you should do first. You will want to:

  • Make sure that the make, model and vehicle color are a match
  • Check the license plate to ensure that it is the correct vehicle
  • When you open the door, ask the driver who they are picking up
  • Check the driver photo provided to make sure it is a match to the person driving

Tip #5: Make Sure You Are On Course

Uber provides a map so that riders can track their trip. Following along with this, or knowing your route is important for your safety. This can help to make sure that your driver is taking you to the location you requested. 

After an Uber Accident….

One thing that may be out of your control is the likelihood that your Uber will be in an accident. You may be unclear of how to move forward. After the accident you may even be tempted to leave the scene by calling another Uber ride. However, immediately after an accident you may be in a state of shock. Because of this, you may have trouble recognizing signs that you are injured. Staying at the scene can ensure that you not only receive medical treatment, but also are able to obtain essential information that may help with your case. Should you incur damages, it’s probably a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer for help. You may have the ability to seek compensation for your losses. 

If you ever feel unsafe or at risk when using Uber services, trust your instinct by getting out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. For more information about how a car accident lawyer can help you in the wake of an Uber accident, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA today. 


Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and tips for protecting yourself when using Uber.