The 4 Steps to Take If a Drunk Driver Hit You On the Road

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If a drunk driver causes a terrible accident to unfold, he or she may face criminal consequences. The driver may also be liable for injuries and damages to your vehicle that resulted due to the crash. If you see the driver get out of his or her vehicle and is slurring words, stumbling, or otherwise appearing intoxicated, call 911 right away for help. Those who want to take legal action against the driver for such irresponsible behavior, can consult with a lawyer in their area for advice on filing a civil lawsuit for compensation. 

#1 Always Call the Police

If the driver is drunk, he or she may try to convince you to not call the police. However, by contacting law enforcement you are guaranteeing that the incident is documented. The officer will take a report of what happened, which can be used as proof for your insurance company and during the lawsuit. This document can be crucial when submitting an insurance claim or seeking compensation from the driver who hit you. By not calling the police, you could be risking that driver causing another accident, and lose your chances of being able to recover damages. 

#2 Providing a Statement

For the officer’s report, you may be asked to explain what happened from your perspective. If the officer asks if you are hurt, do not say no — you may have adrenaline flooding your body which can mask injuries until a later time. Just because you are not in pain now, does not mean you won’t be hours or days after. Before leaving, ask the officer for an accident claim number so you can get a copy of the report at your local law enforcement office. 

#3 Gather Information at the Scene

Take photographs of visible injuries, vehicle damages, broken glass, street signs and anything else that captures the scene of the accident. If there are witnesses nearby, ask if they are willing to give you their contact information for a potential statement. Your lawyer who assists you with the lawsuit can follow up with these witnesses for an official statement of the accident. If you are not comfortable exchanging information with the drunk driver, the officer can do this for you upon arrival. 

Prompt Medical Care

As stated above, you may not know whether you have sustained injuries right away. So, it may be best to just get a medical evaluation to see if you have any serious injuries that require treatment. An ambulance may show up to the scene once police have been called. It is highly recommended that you do not refuse medical treatment. The medical team can evaluate you and try to uncover potential injuries before they worsen and start to surface later on. An injury that does not receive medical care may develop into a chronic condition. Any victim in a car accident who was hit by a drunk driver, may want to not only seek medical attention immediately, but an experienced personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT  from Rasmussen & Miner for guidance too.