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The Impact of Venue on the Value of Your Car Accident Case

Personal Injury Attorney

Providing an accurate, intelligent and knowing assessment of the value of your personal injury case is the vital and key role of any injury and accident attorney. It might be said that determining the likely value of a case after trial, but reaching that determination before trial during negotiations is, perhaps, the fundamental and quintessential role of a personal injury attorney. Indeed, the only service a personal injury attorney could provide to his or her client beyond an accurate value assessment would be to actually obtain that projected case value -or amount in excess of it- after trial or through settlement according to a car accident lawyer.

It may come as somewhat of a surprise to an injury victim, to learn that where their accident occurred might have a significant impact on the amount of compensation that they actually receive for their accident. Venue, as a legal concept has many precise rules, but, for purposes of our discussion, in this context, really can be read the same as “location.” Most jurisdictions have geographical subdivisions into which their state is divided, e.g. a judicial circuit. Some jurisdictions by reputation or results, are perceived as being more favorable to injured plaintiffs. On the other hand, other jurisdictions, anecdotally or statistically, are perceived as being less friendly to the injured plaintiff and more likely to render a defense verdict, or a defense favorable verdict. Urban areas generally enjoy a reputation as jurisdictions that would typically be favorable to those seeking compensation for bodily entry in court. Rural jurisdictions generally have a reputation as being those less favorable, or less likely to award significant damages in the typical personal injury case. The political leanings of voters in a given jurisdiction can also have an impact on the results of that judicial system outcomes in civil/personal injury trials. A seasoned personal injury attorney that has tried hundreds of cases in these various jurisdictions should be in a position to advise his or her client on what, if any, the role of trial venue will have on the value of their case. None of this is to say that there aren’t outliers or exceptions to the prevailing trends or the general rule. However, in devising any litigation strategy, your chosen personal injury attorney will consider a variety of factors. One component most certainly will be an assessment of the likely outcome after a trial in your jurisdiction. It is only when such an intelligent and reasoned assessment has been made that you could accurately assess the reasonableness of any settlement offer.

The role of venue, and the related concept of an intelligent assessment of what the case should return after trial are key, but not the only components, in an overall negotiation strategy. Other factors, such as the amount of lost wages, medical expenses, and the amount of available insurance likewise play a significant role. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, contact a lawyer near you for help immediately on your case.