The Importance of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney 

 If a loved one has died from wrongful or negligent causes, it is imperative that you contact a wrongful death attorney that residents trust.

The death of loved ones is a traumatic and painful experience, even more so if you are aware that their death could have been prevented. Wrongful death is caused by carelessness, lack of procedures, or third-party negligence.

Wrongful death can happen due to medical negligence, negligence in the workplace, negligence in the public (i.e. schools, government buildings) or private (commercial or residential) sectors, or due to inappropriate personal behavior (i.e. driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, among others).

Nobody wants to cause the death of someone else, but not following proper rules, laws, or protocols may result in tragedy. Making a no well-thought-out decision can have serious consequences, especially in the medical field. This is not taken lightly by those affected by the irreparable loss of their loved ones.

Causes of wrongful death due to medical negligence include:

Incorrect or late diagnosis. The patients or victims of wrongful death received an incorrect or late diagnosis, which caused their treatment to be inadequate and eventually produced their death.

Medication. The victim received an inadequate dose of medication that produced their death.

Surgical procedure. The patient undergoes an inappropriate surgical procedure (medical error), the surgeon forgets a surgical instrument inside the patient, or the procedure was not appropriate.

Operating rooms. The hygiene of the operating room was not adequate, the patient is the victim of some bacteria or virus that leads to death.

• Treatment and recovery. The treatment is not adequate for the patient. This could be due to adverse effects on newly prescribed medication or a reaction with another medication. Complications during recovery or inadequate therapies that may worsen a patient’s conditions leading to death.

• Nursing home or home for the elderly. When patients are confined to bed, it is necessary that nurses or caregivers constantly move the patient into different positions. If patients are in the same position for long, they make present bedsores due to the lack of circulation. Bedsores are painful and can cause death if not treated correctly.

• Elderly Abuse. Caregivers or nurses are responsible for taking care of older adults and abusing them through beatings or physical assaults that may cause death.

Causes for negligence in the workplace have a lot to do with the maintenance of infrastructure, facilities, machinery, and equipment.

Machinery and equipment. Accidents that result in the wrongful death of the employee due to lack of proper machinery maintenance, training, or inadequate safety equipment.

•Illumination. Lighting often seems to be a minimal factor and it will not affect not having a lamp or bulb on, but in the workplace, this lack of visibility can result in employees falling, slipping, or tripping causing death.

Floors and slopes. Lack of maintenance or repair of high traffic areas and floors can cause serious accidents.

Lack of Safety Marking. The lack of warning notices and signs can produce fatal accidents as victims may not be aware of surrounding dangers such as the risk of slip and falls, electrocution, among other risks.

If your loved one has suffered from a third-party negligence causing death, do not hesitate to hire the help of an experienced wrongful death lawyer. Call the group of experts from Unidos Legales to advise you on the best way to manage your case.