The Worst Kind of Personal Injury Cases 

Personal injury cases are always incredibly difficult because you are dealing with the negative aftermath of someone else’s negligence. The very worst kind of personal injury case is a wrongful death case. Losing a loved one is a kind of pain that is unlike any other. Losing someone because of another person’s negligent actions, however, is even harder to process. This is why you need to contact a wrongful death lawyer, as soon as possible following your loved one’s passing. Not only do you want to make sure you meet the statute of limitations for filing, but you also do not want to miss out on collecting crucial evidence from the scene of the accident. 

You should not be left with any kind of financial burden because of the untimely passing of a loved one. Here are a few things that a wrongful death lawyer will argue in court. 

You deserve compensation for all of the expenses you paid. 

Your loved one likely underwent some sort of medical care, even if it was trying to save their life at the scene of the accident. You should not have to pay any of this back. The at-fault party needs to be held accountable and should pay back all expenses that went into trying to save your relative. The funeral costs should also be taken care of, as you were completely caught off guard for this untimely passing. Anything else that was lost in the accident needs to be replaced by the people who were at fault for the accident. 

You need to be compensated for lost wages.

You may have counted on your loved one’s paycheck to help with your mortgage and other expenses. Your financial situation should not change because you lost him or her too soon. The negligent party should make sure that you get the same amount of money every month that you were counting on. An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help calculate these damages and file for the compensation in your court case.

You may be entitled to pain and suffering. 

Losing a loved one in a tragic accident is traumatizing. It is a burden that you will have to bear for the rest of your life. You deserve to be compensated for this loss. Unfortunately, no amount of money will be able to bring your family member back, but the at-fault party should have to pay for what they did. They should give you money to make your life easier and to teach them to never let this kind of accident happen again. A judge is more likely to award funds for emotional damages in a wrongful death case than any other type of personal injury case. Your lawyer will know whether or not you should file this and if the judge who is overseeing your case is likely to award anything for emotional trauma.

Contact a Lawyer Today

You should always act with haste in a personal injury case. Even if you are still processing the loss of your loved one and trying to move forward with your life, it is important to retain the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer. He or she can stay on track for your case and continue to meet deadlines while you focus on yourself and your family. Set up a consultation with a wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible, just to ensure someone knowledgeable in the field is tracking your case.