This DWI Charge cost me my license, can a DWI Lawyer help me?

DWI Lawyer

Impaired driving charges can have a lot of negative outcomes that stem from them, including the possibility of jail time but one of the things that can really hurt a person moving forward is the prospect of having your license revoked. A DWI lawyer can help you with this process and sometimes there’s pre-trial possibilities of getting what’s called a limited driving privilege and sometimes, even if a DWI charge results in conviction, our DWI lawyers may be able to get you a limited privilege for work purposes.

DWI Lawyer

Driving is just what we do. If you don’t live in some major metropolitan area having a license is vital from getting from point A to point B. Our top rated DWI lawyers know just how important it is to have a license and the ability go where you want and need to when you want to. Impaired driving charges can revoke your license and depending on the type of charge it can revoke your license for years. First time impaired driving charges can revoke your license for a year plus if someone were to have been injured or other aggravating factors were to attach to your DWI. The same holds true if you have a second or third DWI, another DWI could revoke your license permanently.

DWI Attorney

A DWI lawyer can help you with your license. They can help to provide protections to keeping your license from being revoked by challenging the stop of your car, standardized field sobriety tests, probable cause and a variety of other issues. But let’s just say those challenges fail and your convicted of DWI, what do you do then? That’s where a DWI defense lawyer can focus on post-conviction relief, such as finding a way for you to get a limited driving privilege or even appealing the case, if there’s ground to a higher court in order to help you with your license. DWI charges involve as many issues as one can count and having an effective DWI attorney on your side could make all of the difference in the world between conviction and still having the ability to drive…legally.

DWI Charges

If you’ve been charged with DWI or habitual DWI be cautious because these impaired driving charges can result in a vast amount of time behind bars. Our DWI lawyers help clients every day of the week with impaired driving cases. Habitual impaired driving is the result of having so many impaired driving convictions in a certain period of time. You have to be careful here, because habitual impaired driving typically requires mandatory active time behind bars. A DWI lawyer will be vital to protect your rights in these situations to make sure no stone is left uncovered when it comes to protecting you.

Impaired Driving Lawyer

When it comes to handling an impaired driving case, it’s vital that you talk with a top rated DWI lawyer, like our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, who actually write the book on DWI charges. Their DWI lawyers teach lawyers how to handle impaired driving cases and they are extremely effective at helping people with drivers license restoration.