Tips for Protecting Yourself Before You Access Uber

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Uber provides services to riders that are both convenient, fast and cost efficient. This has resulted in companies like Uber making them accessible to customers in many cities across the US. Because of this, the popularity of Uber has skyrocketed. However, it’s important to be aware that when accessing Uber services, you could still put yourself at risk for an accident occurring. Additionally, there have been other types of incidents that have put the safety of riders at risk. Some of the time, it may be in your best interest to contact a car accident lawyer for help. Here are some tips to keep in mind before hopping into the passenger seat:

Tip #1: Check the Driver’s Rating

Most Uber drivers pay attention to their ratings. This is because should their rating take a dip, they could lose their ability to drive for the company. Checking the driver’s rating is an important step to take when you book a ride with Uber. Uber ratings are based on previous rides provided to customers. If a driver’s rating is too low, you have the ability to request another driver. 

Tip #2: Choose Your Seat Wisely

This can be a challenging decision, and not one that you are likely to spend too much time mulling over. While riding in the front passenger seat can be safer in the event of a car accident, the back seat may be safer when it comes to protecting yourself from a potentially unsafe Uber driver. This is because the backseat provides you with multiple exits and distance from the driver. 

Tip #3: Share Your Location with Loved Ones

Uber now offers the ability for riders to share their route with loved ones. This is an essential safety feature that allows those close with you the ability to track your status. This can help to ensure your safety when accessing Uber services. 

Tip #4: Verify Information

This is critical as failure to do so can be detrimental. Before hopping into the backseat of a car that you believe to be your Uber, there are a few things you should do first. You will want to:

  • Make sure that the make, model and vehicle color are a match
  • Check the license plate to ensure that it is the correct vehicle
  • When you open the door, ask the driver who they are picking up
  • Check the driver photo provided to make sure it is a match to the person driving

Tip #5: Make Sure You Are On Course

Uber provides a map so that riders can track their trip. Following along with this, or knowing your route is important for your safety. This can help to make sure that your driver is taking you to the location you requested. 

After an Uber Accident….

One thing that may be out of your control is the likelihood that your Uber will be in an accident. You may be unclear of how to move forward. After the accident you may even be tempted to leave the scene by calling another Uber ride. However, immediately after an accident you may be in a state of shock. Because of this, you may have trouble recognizing signs that you are injured. Staying at the scene can ensure that you not only receive medical treatment, but also are able to obtain essential information that may help with your case. Should you incur damages, it’s probably a good idea to contact a car accident lawyer for help. You may have the ability to seek compensation for your losses. 

If you ever feel unsafe or at risk when using Uber services, trust your instinct by getting out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. For more information about how a car accident lawyer can help you in the wake of an Uber accident, contact an experienced auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA today. 


Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and tips for protecting yourself when using Uber.