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A truck collision lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah from Rassmusen & Miner understands that trucks are an essential element of the American economy. However, these hefty trucks pose a serious risk to others who may be driving next to them on the roadways. On average, commercial trucks weigh around 20 times as much as your standard passenger vehicle.

And to make matters worse, some trucking companies are so eager to meet deadlines that they may load the truck past regulation capacity, or push their drivers to stay behind the wheel for hours on end without breaks, sleep, or meals. What then ends up happening is innocent drivers who are nearby may suffer the consequences of the poor choices of others, and then turn to a UT truck collision lawyer for help. 

If you are ready to seek guidance after being hurt in a truck accident, then we encourage you to speak with a truck accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents rely on for quality legal services today. 

When Breaking Regulations Causes Fatal Accidents

A Salt Lake City, UT truck collision lawyer from Rassmusen & Miner knows how devastating truck accidents can be. When regulations are ignored by truck drivers and their employers, fatal accidents can result. Truck drivers must have special training and follow safety rules when they operate the vehicle. However, truckers may ignore these restrictions in order to meet their delivery deadlines.

As you can imagine, truckers who are low on sleep or are taking drugs to remain awake, are basically driving a deadly machine. Some trucking companies may hire drivers who are not fully trained or have enough experience out of desperation for more truckers, or to save money because then they do not have to pay them as much. 

Even trucks that do not carry goods or materials can be dangerous to others. While personal trucks may not weigh 80,000 pounds, they are still higher and carry more weight, giving them the ability to crush others in an auto accident. If you or someone you love has been in any kind of car accident, then please do not wait another minute to call a truck collision lawyer in Salt Lake City from Rassmusen & Miner. 

Truck Accidents and Fatigue

Truck drivers who operate commercial vehicles may feel pressure to keep driving even when they have already maxed out their hours for the day. Truck drivers can easily falsify log books where they record their work time, meals, and breaks. Oftentimes there is no other person with them to motinor their logs and ensure that they are getting the rest they require. Truckers that go too long without sleep may quickly become fatigued and even fall asleep behind the wheel. If you suspect that the trucker who hit you had been too fatigued to drive safely, please let your truck collision lawyer in Utah know during the first consultation. 

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