What are the most common truck accidents?

Everyone has heard the phrase “I feel like I got hit by a truck” at one time or another, but if you have actually been hit by a truck, either as a pedestrian or in a car, the injuries sustained can be extremely serious or life-threatening and in many cases, it can cause you your life.

Lawsuits against drivers of semis or the companies they work for can be very complex and require representation from a personal injury lawyer with experience in these sometimes difficult cases. In the event you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact an attorney, like an experienced truck accident lawyer in Woodland Hills, in order to assist to you with your case.

Why is pursuing legal action for a truck accident different from an automobile accident?

  • The major difference is the size and weight of the truck, which often causes a collision that involves an enormous amount of force.
  • Truck drivers are often on the road for incredibly long hours sometimes because of pressures to complete deliveries on a tight schedule. Because of this, driver fatigue becomes an issue and can be the cause of accidents.
  • Serious accidents can occur if a semi is improperly secured with a heavy load.
  • Federal and State laws regulate the trucking industry to protect the safety and lives of everyone else on the road.
  • Because of these added regulations, it becomes more difficult and complex to file a lawsuit without the assistant of an attorney with experience in dealing with truck accidents.

Why do trucks most commonly crash?

    • Equipment or malfunction. This could be in both manufacturing as well as truck design. Tires and brakes are the most common defects and failures.
    • Truck driver error. Driving a truck is difficult and requires training and an additional certification on your license. However, accidents happen because of driver error with causes including fatigue, speeding, driving while distracted, using a cell phone, or drinking and driving.
  • Unbalanced load. If a truck’s cargo is very heavy and it is not loaded properly or evenly, the load can shift during travel and cause the truck to become hard to control and cause an accident, or part of the load can fall off and injure another car or anyone in its path.
  • Weather Conditions are a major factor in truck crashes. The size of of the vehicle can make it difficult to stop when the roads are wet or slippery. A driver needs to anticipate the extra braking time needed to stop safely. Inexperienced drivers or those driving distracted often do not leave the added amount of distance between vehicles in normal condition, much less when the weather turns bad. Crashes occur when there is not enough space for a truck to stop or slow safely.

How can a truck attorney help?

How badly you are injured will determine how much compensation an experienced truck attorney can negotiate for you on your behalf. You may be able to be reimbursed for the following costs:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Future earnings that may be lost because of your injuries
  • Personal property damage
  • Additional pain and suffering

A truck attorney is well-versed in the rules and regulations of the trucking industry and can also deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

Thank you to Barry P. Goldberg, A Professional Law Corporation, for providing insight and authoring this piece on truck accidents.