What Businesses Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims

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What Businesses Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims What Businesses Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims

Any business can come into contact with a personal injury claim and may subsequently need the help of a personal injury lawyer serving Salt Lake City, UT. Companies can be held for a variety of situations including employee and customer injuries. Service-related businesses of all types should have personal injury insurance and Rasmussen & Miner knows what they are responsible for should they be held liable for an accident.

Utah Workers Comp and Commercial Car Insurance

Employees covered by a workers’ compensation policy can file another personal injury claim in addition against the auto insurer of a company if they were involved in an auto accident while working. Buying as much insurance as possible to supplement the mandatory insurance is the best business move you can make. Accidents can happen any time and they tend to be expensive, so it’s important to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT.

Reasonable Duty of Care

Business operators and owners are legally required to provide for customers’, visitors’, and employees’ safety. If you are open to the public, you must prepare to keep them safe while you host them. Again, the more insurance the better. Even specific insurance that can help you manage safety will be useful. IN some places, there can be a higher likelihood for an accident or breach of duty of care to happen:

  • Structures left without maintenance such as handrails or broken stairs.
  • If aisle ways and other open floor areas are wet and there is no warning sign.
  • In parking lots you should be aware of any wet, icy and slippery surfaces.

False Injury Claims

Although a personal injury lawyer for Salt Lake City, UT usually does not accept a case he knows will fail, sometimes claims come to light that are pretty weak and rely on half-truths and little evidence. A larger business will probably run into this situation much more than a smaller store, but they will still happen. In the eyes of the business, these claims are more damaging because paying to fight them is almost a waste of time. However, if it is worth the principle to fight it, then they may go ahead anyway. Businesses want to be profitable first and foremost and invalid claims can be just as expensive as payouts since insurance premiums rise regardless.

Comparative Negligence

Usually a state adheres to a comparative negligence law which means that not all accidents are the fault of a respondent in a personal injury claim entirely. The plaintiff should also be considered for a percentage of fault if they are also responsible. In a premises law claim, people usually are deemed to have assumption of risk. Each driver in a car accident claim is considered when doing accident reconstruction–this can determine negligence and decide how much each person is responsible for. A trusted Salt Lake City, UT personal injury lawyer knows that the value of a claim can be greatly reduced or denied when a plaintiff is responsible for a majority of their injury.

Every business should require that they reexamine their insurance needs yearly to account for any personal injury claims that may have been made. One uncovered incident would likely shut down the business and harm the financial reputation of the owner. Always protect yourself, and employ a personal injury lawyer to help protect you,  your employees, and your business. Call Rasmussen & Miner and get the insight of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah today!