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What Does a Medical Malpractice Lawyer Do?

When deciding whether or not to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit, it’s important to know what a medical malpractice lawyer can do for you. In this post, we’ll walk through what a medical malpractice lawyer does and how it can be helpful to your case to have one on your side.

What is a medical malpractice lawyer?

Lawsuits for medical malpractice typically are for injuries that occurred due to misdiagnosis or mistreatment. A lawyer will carefully look over all the details of the case to make sure that you have a legal claim to present to the court. They deal with all the paperwork, talk to the insurance companies, and do the research to prove that the physician responsible for the the malpractice was indeed being negligent.

Negligence can be hard to prove if you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. In order the prove negligence, the following must be true. First, you must have a contractual, professional relationship with the doctor you are suing. This is someone who you agreed to hire as a medical professional and they agreed to take you on as a patient. You are accepting their care and judgment when it comes to your diagnosis and treatment.

Second, you need to prove that a breach of that contract occurred. The contract is implied that the doctor has your best interest at heart and will provide you with the right diagnosis and treatment for your illness – not make you worse. By being negligent, they have in essence broken their contract with you.

Finally, you must prove that your injuries are a direct result of the negligence shown by the doctor – not due to anything else related to your illness. Let’s say your injuries happened due to a careless mistake in surgery. You need to prove that the reason you are injured was because of that mistake and not do something that would have happened regardless of whether or not you had the surgery.

Why it’s important to have a medical malpractice lawyer on your team

Malpractice cases involve the doctor’s insurance company, not only the doctor. When you file a claim against the doctor, you are actually filing a claim against their insurance company. This means that all the paperwork and communications go through their insurance company. A medical malpractice lawyer takes care of all the correspondence for you. They speak the legal jargon of the insurance companies and can easily navigate the complicated claims forms.

These lawyers can collect research, work with medical experts to support your claim, and gather all the evidence you need to have a successful claim. Let them worry about all the details and paperwork. You can rest easy knowing that your case is in good, capable hands.

If you or a family member are victims of medical malpractice, reach out to a lawyer today. They will provide you with the peace of mind you need to recover from your injuries while ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve.