What Happens After I Am Charged With DUI?

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DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Finding yourself charged with a DUI can be an intimidating experience, as a top DUI lawyer based in Salt Lake City, UT understands. Being accused of drinking and driving is serious, and if you are, you must take action right away. You could face high fines and even jail time if you are found guilty and convicted. Trust a lawyer that has years of experience helping individuals who have been charged with DUI. A lawyer will prepare a strong defense, leading to the charge reduced or even dropped. They will go through all the evidence and find out how to best protect your rights. Have a consultation with a respected legal team like Rasmussen & Miner so they can get started on your case. Here are some questions you may have if you are charged. 

What should I expect after being charged?

If you were charged with DUI, you may be feeling a sense of panic and worry as you think of the consequences that you could face. After you have been charged, you will be served a notice to appear in court for your hearing. Make sure you understand what your court date is so you don’t miss it. Consult with a seasoned DUI lawyer so they can assess your case and determine a strategy to fight the charge. 

Will I lose my license?

A DUI conviction can ase you to temporarily or permanently lose your driver’s license. Driving is a privilege that can be revoked by the state if you are charged with DUI. If convicted, you will likely lose your license for a period of several months. Factors that affect the length include the severity of your charge and if you have had prior convictions. Talk to a lawyer to learn if there is any way for you to appeal your case. 

What should I plead?

As a DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah will tell you, you should not be quick to immediately plead guilty. Every case is different and there are many factors that can affect your case. Do not assume that pleading guilty is the best choice. Always to a lawyer first so they can advise you on how you should respond to a charge. If there is compelling and sufficient evidence to support you, they may recommend that pleading not guilty will be best. 

What if I want to appeal my sobriety test results?

In some cases, there are errors made during the field sobriety test that a police officer conducts after stopping you for suspicion of drunk driving. If you believe that there were external factors that affect your results (such as clothing that inhibited your movement), or if you believe that there was an error, you may be able to appeal. 

Act quickly if you want a DUI lawyer to handle your case and improve your chances of getting positive results. You could face multiple fines and lengthy jail time that can affect your quality of life. Seek the legal support of a DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT now if you are charged with DUI. DUI lawyers like Rasmussen & Miner can get started on your case.