What if Your Car Accident May Have Been Partially Your Fault?

Utah is a so-called comparative negligence state. It recognizes a 50 percent fault “bar.” Practically speaking, this means that you may be entitled to considerable compensation from other negligent, reckless, or intentionally harmful parties that contributed to the cause of your accident, even if you were partially to blame for your crash. As long as you were less than 50 percent responsible for the harm you have suffered, you remain entitled to seek compensation from others that were partially responsible for the collision. Your compensation award will simply be minimized by the percentage of fault attributed to you.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have recently been injured in a car accident, you may be navigating a torrent of emotions. You may be angry about the suffering you have endured, grateful to be alive, and confused about whether you should speak with an attorney. These are just a few of the emotions that you may be grappling with right now, which is very understandable and wholly normal. However, it is important that you find a way to focus your energy into exploring your legal options while they remain viable. The law only grants car accident injury victims so long to file civil actions before they are barred from seeking compensation. Additionally, speaking with insurance representatives without the assistance of an experienced Salt Lake City, UT car accident lawyer could compromise the valuation of your case. Take time to schedule a risk-free consultation with the dedicated team at Rasmussen & Miner to better ensure the protection of your rights and the preservation of your legal options during this trying time. Even if you believe that your accident may have been entirely your fault, there is really no way to know whether some “invisible” contributor to the causes of your accident was also a direct cause of the harm that you have suffered. Whether another motorist involved was half asleep at the wheel, a faulty auto part contributed to inadequate braking power, or a feature of the road you were driving on at the time of the crash played a part in what happened to you, you may be entitled to significant compensation at this time. Schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced Utah legal team at Rasmussen & Miner to learn more about your rights and options as a car accident injury victim; we look forward to speaking with you.