What is Child Neglect or Abuse?


While each state has different laws and stipulations when considering child abuse or child neglect, it is typically categorized the same. Parents sometimes fear losing their child for some things that may not even be considered neglect or abuse. While other parents, know they have abused or neglected their child and understand these actions are punishable under the law. There are several reasonable punishments or parental disciplines for children. However, a few examples of child abuse or child neglect are:

  • Threatening your child with death or intentional harm
  • Physically harming your child with an object or even a hand with intentional harm
  • Isolation and physical restrictions such as tying the child up or locking the child up.
  • No supervision for your child. Leaving them alone or with inappropriate supervision.
  • The commission of any crimes in front of the child.
  • Any harm with intent. Physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually.
  • Refusing to provide the basic necessities such as food, shelter, and a safe environment amongst several other things.
  • Withholding your child from a school education.

There are several other ways a parent or guardian may be abusing or neglecting their child. If you or someone you know has committed any of the aforementioned actions, while you may not be under investigation with law enforcement or child care services, it is possible to be arrested for these actions. If you or someone you know has been charged for child neglect or child abuse based on the crimes listed above, speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

There is a fine line from reasonable discipline, and child abuse or neglect. In most cases, if there are any physical markings on the child due to spankings or physical abuse this is enough to charge a parent. No matter if it was caused by an action that may be considered legal.

If you or someone you know is currently under investigation for child neglect or child abuse there is some way to build a defense no matter the circumstances. If an attorney cannot get the charges dismissed totally, the right attorney will be able to utilize all resources to possible have charges reduced and help you get custody of your child back should you lose them. Speak with a skilled Decatur lawyer as soon as possible so that you all can begin to build your defense strategy, you will not be able to go through this on your own.

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