What is Truck Driver Fatigue?

Then we journey out onto the road to get either to work, visit loved ones, or run a few errands, we may at some point end up driving next to a commercial truck. These vehicles are hefty, and can weigh anywhere from 50,000 pounds to an upwards of 80,000 pounds. It is easy to be intimidated by such vast vehicles, as they are substantially larger in size and weight compared to the standard passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, truck drivers may feel pressure to make it to their destination points on time, so they may drive just a little too long and not get the rest they need. A truck driver who is fatigued can be greatly putting others on the road at risk.

Here in this article below, we have provided information about what truck driver fatigue is, signs of this type of exhaustion, and what to do if you are ever hit by a commercial truck. Contact a truck accident attorney in Atlanta, GA

What leads to truck driver fatigue?

A truck driver may decide to get on the road for their shift during nighttime hours, between 10pm and 6am, in order to help avoid sitting in traffic. However, driving during normal sleeping hours can impact the body system by throwing of its normal wake and sleep cycle. The body may think it is the time of day to sleep, but then is forced to perform the big task of hauling a vehicle safely down the road. If a truck driver were to become sleep-deprived, his or her body may try to compensate by entering small periods of microsleep. Additionally, when the body is exhausted there can be an impairment of functions, including:

  1. Delayed reaction time
  2. Blurry or foggy vision
  3. Judgment errors
  4. Irritability and/or road rage
  5. Lack of alertness to potential threats

What is microsleep by definition?

Microsleep is a temporary sleep episode which can last anywhere from a fraction of a second, to 30 seconds. During this period of time, the person may not be capable of responding to stimuli or sensory input. A person can lose their awareness during microsleep and not even realize it.

What can I do if I have unpaid medical bills due to a truck accident?

If a truck driver is at-fault for a collision in which you were the victim of, you should consider meeting with a decatur truck accident attorney about your legal options. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the truck driver or trucking company in order to pay your medical expenses, vehicle repairs and other losses. An attorney can help you throughout this process of seeking justice for your physical and financial damages. Once you have scheduled your appointment, you may be wondering what exactly to bring to your consult. When going to your first meeting with an attorney, you should consider bringing along the following documents:

  • Incident report of the accident
  • Medical bills owed
  • Receipts of out-of-pocket expenses
  • Ambulance ride charges
  • Prescription medication
  • Doctor’s evaluations
  • Driver’s information
  • Truck driving company information
  • Witnesses of the accident
  • Photographs of the scene and visible injuries



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