What should I know about filing a motorcycle accident clam?

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In 2014, according to the National Highway Traffic Administration, there were 92,000 injuries and 4,586 fatalities involving a motorcycle. The mode of transportation is popular, but offers very little protection to the driver or passenger. The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident are often serious, life threatening, or fatal. When negligence contributed to the collision, a motorcycle accident claim may need to be filed.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is prudent to get immediate and clear advice from a personal injury lawyer.

What You Should Do Following a Motorcycle Accident

While at the Scene – The first thing you should do is to call the police and get medical treatment. Do not admit fault and take as many pictures as possible of the scene, surroundings, and any damage. Make sure the police file a police report as this will be required in court, or by the insurance company. If you’re unable to do any of the above because you are incapacitated, you will likely be taken to the hospital where you should consult a lawyer about what to do next.

Report the Accident – You will likely need to report the motorcycle accident to your own insurance company. You should do this as quickly as possible. They will ask you about what happened, and you will need to explain. However, stick to the facts and don’t go into too much detail. It is also advisable not to assign any fault to yourself. It is important to be truthful, so if you’re unsure about what to and not to say, call a personal injury lawyer.

Do Not Engage with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company – It is common for representatives of the other driver’s insurance company to contact you for a statement or to ask some general questions. These people are very good at what they do, especially asking questions that could be misleading and benefit their objectives. We advise you to not talk with them until you’ve discussed your case with a personal injury lawyer.

Gather Up Your Documents – Gather and organize any documents related to the accident, including your insurance papers, the police report, photos, medical records, witness contact details, an accident journal, receipts, bills, and so forth.

Consult a Lawyer – Personal injury lawyers typically offer a complimentary case review. Immediately after a motorcycle accident, you should take advantage of this and schedule a meeting with a lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of cases. A lawyer can let you know whether you have a claim and how you should proceed. He or she may also explain to you whether you have any additional legal options that could entitle you to other forms of compensation.

A personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah residents rely on can discuss your case and help you get results.



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