What should you do after a slip and fall accident?

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Personal Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may want to consult with a personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT respects, from Rasmussen & Miner Attorneys at Law. He or she can help you file a lawsuit against the person or business responsible for your injuries, so you can recover medical expenses and lost wages. Before you see a lawyer about your case, here are a few things you may want to do first:

Inspect the area

After you have gotten up and regained your composure, it’s important to carefully inspect the area around you. Look for what might have caused the accident, such as a milk spill on the floor or ice on the ground. Then, try to write down your version of what happened on paper as soon as you can.

Take photos

Don’t leave the accident scene without taking a few photos of the conditions. If you wait even an hour or two, the conditions can change and you may be left with less proof that the accident did indeed take place. If you are physically unable to take photos, ask a bystander to do it for you. A few clear shots of the accident scene can help your personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City UT develop a strong case for you.

Talk to witnesses

It’s a wise move to write down the names and contact information of witnesses who saw you slip and fall. If a person witnessed what you went through, your personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT counts on my ask them to testify on your behalf in court. A witness can describe to the court how you got injured and what the conditions of the accident scene were like.

Get Medical Care

It’s critical to see a doctor as soon as possible after your slip and fall accident. A doctor can evaluate and treat your injuries and determine if there is any permanent damage. Seeking medical attention right away may also prove to the court that you were indeed hurt and deserve compensation for your injuries. After a doctor has treated you, he or she may write down important information in your medical records, such as the extent of your injuries and if they require future treatment or not. Don’t forget to obtain copies of all your medical records and give them to your personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT depends on.

Don’t Speak to Insurance Companies or Other Lawyers

After you file a slip and fall claim, the responsible party’s lawyers and insurance adjuster may ask to speak to you. However, you shouldn’t do this without your Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer present. If you speak to them without your personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts, you may accidentally say the wrong thing and jeopardize your case.

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