What You Need to Know About Personal Injury

If you’ve been in an accident, you know just how stressful an injury can be.  In addition to the trauma and pain from being hurt, your needs in the immediate aftermath can prove taxing on already strained resources.  Doctor’s visits, follow up procedures, or therapy may force you to miss work and increase your financial burden.  In the worst of scenarios, this can severely impact your job or career because you’re unable to go to work every day.  In the case of permanent injury, the job may be the least of your concerns, as you have to learn to live with the lasting effects of the injury.

Every concern adds its own level of physical and mental stress, often making it difficult for those that who suffered an injury to focus on their recovery.  Resources are available, however, for helping those who have been in an accident seek real solutions to help get back on their feet.  While only a doctor can provide physical treatment, we’ve compiled a list of important facts that you should know about your personal injury to help ease the stress, worry, and uncertainty.

Documenting your Injury

After being injured it’s important to document your physical damage and any evidence regarding the incident itself.  Pictures and doctor’s notes about bruises, breaks, strains, and more will help protect your rights to recover from the responsible parties.  Writing down the events leading up to the accident while the situation is fresh in your mind, as well as making diagrams and taking pictures of the area it occurred, will also ensure that your picture is as clear as possible for any potential claim or case.

Identifying Witnesses and Involved Parties

Identifying the involved parties is just as important as documenting what happened.  Knowing who was involved is critical for figuring out who is at fault.  In addition to identification, ask for insurance information to help with any insurance claims process.  You will also want to compile names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed the accident in order to corroborate your version of what happened.  If you are unable to gather this information yourself, the names of parties on the scene should be listed on the official police report, which you can request an official copy.

Determining Liability

If you’ve suffered an injury, it is important to gather the complete list of everyone who may be liable for any damages.  This will obviously include the driver of the vehicle or some other person who directly or negligently caused your injuries.  Other times, liable parties include the owners of any equipment being used or a company as a whole if the person who injured you was acting under their employer’s direction.  Each of these parties usually have additional insurance companies where you can file a claim for damages for your injury.

Statute of Limitations

In many states, including Georgia, there are time limits for an injured party to file a claim.  These time limits are officially known as statutes of limitations.  These time periods begin to run or toll at the time of your injury. However, extensions are possible if the extent of the injuries is not known or is worsened by later events.  Georgia’s laws about accidents generally make the time limit two years to file a claim or an injured person potentially forfeits their right to recovery.  This time may vary though, depending on the circumstances of your injury.

Seeking Legal Representation

Finally, remember that you can seek counsel to help argue for your rights in for when you are injured.  An experienced attorney, like a personal injury or auto accident lawyer Atlanta GA trusts, levels the playing field with insurance companies, advocates for your rights if there’s any dispute, and will act as your representative to help ensure the best possible outcome.  An attorney is familiar with the rules, laws, and procedures for personal injury cases and can help you get back on your feet.  If you’ve suffered an injury, reach out to a qualified attorney today and get a much-needed partner for your recovery.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Butler Law Firm for their insight into personal injury practice.