When Doctors Deviate from Medical Care Standards

 Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If a doctor, medical assistant or other staff make a mistake when it comes to a patient’s health, devastation may result. The patient may suffer a worsened or permanent condition, or even die due to the error. The patient and family members may feel anger, frustration and confusion after realizing the doctor made a crucial error. A patient or their family may have no idea how to react or what options are available to them.

An skilled and trusted medical malpractice lawyer may suggest that any patient who believes they have suffered from medical malpractice, obtain legal representation right away. It is possible that you are entitled to significant compensation for the doctor’s mistake. It is vital that you have a professional who understands the legal system to protect you and ensure that you receive justice.   

Standards of Medical Care

Doctors and other medical staff are expected to provide a reasonable standard of medical care at all times. If these medical professionals deviate from this standard and make an error, they may be liable for damages caused to the patient. Most medical practitioners understand the potential consequences of committing medical malpractice and some may try to cover up the mistake by eliminating evidence.

Letter of Complaint

The first reaction many patients may have after their doctor has made an error is to write a letter of complaint to the medical group or hospital. While this response is understandable, it may not be the most strategic. As an attorney knows all too well, the medical facility may try to defend the doctor despite being in the wrong, in order to prevent having to admit the malpractice or pay a substantial sum in compensation. It may be best to meet with an attorney for advice, before deciding how you would like to proceed.

Gathering Evidence

If you are considering filing a lawsuit for medical malpractice, we recommend gathering evidence now. You may want to obtain medical records from the hospital before they can be destroyed, including exams, diagnostics, prescriptions, or any other documents related to what happened. If you speak with hospital staff, make sure you document their names and information so you can communicate with them in the future. Keep track of dates and times of certain events as this will become very important if a lawyer files suit.  When meeting with an attorney, please bring along the following paperwork:

  • Receipts for co-pays or expenses you paid for that were due to the medical error or oversight
  • Copies of your doctor’s health evaluations, diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Results for blood-work, x-rays or other diagnostics
  • Current prescription medications (especially if the doctor prescribed an incorrect dosage or medication type)
  • Witness names and contact of those who went with you to doctor appointments and were present when errors were made

A law office understands that it can be terrifying to realize your doctor made a mistake which led to your condition worsening. Not only that, but you may have endured grave financial hardships in costs related to this error. If you or someone you love has been a victim of medical malpractice, please call a medical malpractice lawyer Baltimore, MD relies on right away for your free consultation. They will do whatever is within their legal power to see that justice is found for the mistake.



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