Who Is The Best Birth Injury Lawyer?

Who Is The Best Birth Injury Lawyer

There may be nothing like the sheer terror and panic that a mother experiences if she finds out her newborn baby has sustained a serious injury or illness. It is devastating that birth injuries still happen, affecting a significant number of babies who have been delivered into a new world. A birth injury is when damage is inflicted upon a newborn baby during the birth process. While these injuries are mostly unintentional, medical issues such as broken bones, bruises, and cuts can happen. In some cases, these conditions stemmed from doctors and supportive staff failing to provide diligent and accurate treatments which could have prevented such injuries or illnesses.

Q: Why do babies endure birth injuries?

A: Doctors, nurses, and supportive staff must offer a standard level of medical care when it comes to handling prenatal, intrapartum, peripartum, and delivery care. However, sometimes a doctor may have an under-qualified nurse take over the delivery instead, or in other situations, the doctor failed to identify and promptly respond to a fetus in distress. There are several ways that a doctor may have committed a misjudgment or neglect, which led to the birth injury.

Another example of an action that could result in a birth injury, is if the doctor or medical staff administered the incorrect medication type or amount. The doctor or personnel may have been overworked, fatigued, or undertrained. Birth injuries may arise due to blatant misconduct or thoughtless behavior.

Q: What are examples of birth injuries?

A: Birth injuries can be things like lacerations, cephalohematoma, bruising, swelling, perinatal asphyxia, spinal cord damage, cranial hemorrhaging, and more. Birth injuries can be either internal or external, and may impact the newborn’s ability to perform certain functions. Symptoms of a birth injury can entail not being able to suck, crying with an arched back, vomiting, lameness, and spastic movements.

Q: Are all birth injuries noticeable immediately after birth?

A: Some effects from a birth injury may not be noticeable right away. It may not be until the baby has been slow to reach developmental milestones that parents observe something isn’t right. For instance, the baby may have trouble sitting upright, crawling, walking, eating independently, or talking.

Q: What if I had a midwife for delivery, is it possible she made an error?

A: Parents may make the decision to avoid the hospital entirely, and elect to have their baby delivered at home. But, choosing to have a midwife deliver the baby instead does not mean there is no chance of a birth injury occurring. Many midwives may not be medically trained, so if something goes wrong then 911 must be called. Any medical professional who is assisting with a delivery, is capable of making a mistake due to misconduct or negligence.

Q: If my baby sustained a birth injury, can any justice be found?

A: Parents of a baby that endured some form of a birth injury, may be asking “who is the best birth injury lawyer?” and want to consult with an attorney for advice on how to handle the situation. The parents may find out they have grounds for a lawsuit against the doctor, medical staff, midwife, and/or hospital for the birth injury. Justice and financial compensation can be sought through taking legal action against the person or entity responsible.