DUI Defense Attorney Salt Lake City, UT

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DUI Defense Attorney Salt Lake City, UT

DUI Defense Attorney Salt Lake City, UT

Being charged with DUI can be a stressful experience, as a DUI defense attorney established in Salt Lake City, Utah understands. Protect your rights by getting legal guidance so that your charges can be examined properly. If you are an individual who has been charged with DUI and would like to explore your legal options, contact a skilled and trusted attorney such as one from Rasmussen & Miner for a consultation. 

DUI Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

A DUI charge is a serious accusation, and individuals should take urgent action to consult with a lawyer about their situation. There is a statute of limitations for DUI cases under Utah state law, so the later you decide to talk with a lawyer the more difficult it may be to build a strong defense strategy. 

By explaining your case details to a lawyer, they can study your case to see if the current charge can be negotiated to a less severe charge, whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony. A lawyer may also be able to reduce the amount of a fine. They will heavily scrutinize the charges against you to spot any weaknesses or violation of your rights. For example, maybe a police officer made critical errors during a field sobriety test because of inexperience. These are factors that you should get a professional opinion on if you are facing DUI charges. For full details regarding your case, contact a Salt Lake City, UT DUI lawyer who has consistently achieved successful results for DUI cases, such as an attorney from Rasmussen & Miner.

Understanding Utah’s Drunk Driving Laws

Under Utah state law, the term DUI or “driving under the influence” is used rather than DWI or “driving while intoxicated”. If a driver is found to be drugged or legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% or more, they can be charged with DUI. The limit was lowered in 2018 from 0.08% to 0.05%, and is the strictest drunk driving limit in the United States. 

It is also possible to be charged with DUI if a driver is not operating a vehicle. This is referred to as an “actual physical control” DUI. An attorney will be able to determine if this type of DUI charge was applied correctly to your situation. 

Know Your Rights at a DUI Checkpoint

If you are ever stopped at a DUI checkpoint, there are important guidelines you should follow to avoid negatively affecting your case. Know the following tips and proper behavior at a checkpoint:

  • Show your license and other documents
  • Do not provide extraneous information
  • Do not refuse any tests

Make an Appointment For Legal Assistance

Hiring a lawyer is advised so that you make the right preparations for a DUI charge and are not at a disadvantage. If your case goes to trial, it may be difficult to fight a DUI charge on your own if you decide to represent yourself. It takes a vast amount of legal knowledge and experience to be successful in court. Don’t wait to obtain crucial legal guidance. Contact a DUI defense attorney that Salt Lake City, Utah residents depend on and have your questions answered during a consultation.