Top DUI Lawyers in Utah

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Top DUI Lawyers in Utah Top DUI Lawyers in Utah

Some of the Top DUI Lawyers in Utah

Most Americans understand that being arrested for intoxicated driving is a big deal, but many don’t fully understand just how cosequential a drunk driving conviction can be. For instance, do you know if you could potentially go to jail for a first-time DUI conviction? As a result, it is critically important to speak with an experienced Salt Lake Ctiy, UT DUI lawyer if you’ve been arrested and accused of driving while under the influence of an unsafe substance including too much alcohol, illicit drugs, and even prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The experienced team at Rasmussen & Miner can help to preserve your legal options and protect your rights as soon as you seek the counsel of some of the top DUI lawyers in Utah. 

Jail Time

Driving while impaired is an incredibly dangerous behavior that costs many people their lives every year. The law treats these charges seriously, so jail time is often associated with this legal infraction. Even if you have never been convicted of any crime before, DUI or otherwise, you may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment if you’re convicted of the charges against you.

The exact amount of time spent will depend on both the state the crime took place in and how many times you have been convicted of a DUI. Whether you caused anyone any harm while you were driving will also impact whether the prosecutor in the case will seek jail time. People are usually only sentenced to time in prison after multiple DUIs or if they have caused someone great harm as a result of their actions. 

Seeking Experienced Legal Guidance is a MUST

Regardless of the exact circumstances surrounding your arrest, it is important to speak with some of the top DUI lawyers in Utah as soon as you possibly can. The sooner we can start building a strong defense, the better. Don’t make assumptions regarding whether your case is severe enough to warrant severe consequences, like jail time. Let some of the top DUI lawyers in Utah evaluate your case and help you to make informed decisions about your situation accordingly.