Labor and Delivery Errors in Childbirth


Errors in childbirth can be devastating. Fortunately, these incidents are rare, but when they do occur, birth injury can result in permanent damage, or even death. In many cases, unforeseen complications arise, nothing can be done and no one is at fault. In other cases, however, human errors can happen. Sadly, hospitals and health insurance companies may try to cover up these errors. Often, birth-related injuries can be treated and your child will heal in time. But if death or disability does result, nothing can ease the heartache that befalls the family. Nevertheless, your family deserves appropriate compensation.

Common Birth and Delivery Errors

If the baby becomes stuck during delivery, the doctor may use a vacuum or forceps to facilitate the birth, or attempt to deliver the baby manually. Non-serious injuries as a result of the vacuum are common, but if the vacuum is used improperly or in situations where it’s not recommended, more serious harm can result. A lack of oxygen during delivery can also cause dire complications. If the baby fails to progress toward birth, a Caesarean section procedure is often warranted. Failure to recognize this need or to act on it promptly is another common error. It can be difficult to recognize that a problem is developing, especially for first-time parents.

Recognizing the Signs that Errors Have Occurred

The first sign that something is wrong may be one that parents feel in their gut. You may also notice that the medical staff appears to be worried or distressed, or suddenly changes their approach to the delivery. If you ask questions and don’t get answers, advocate for your family without hesitation to get the information you deserve, and to ensure that both mother and child receive the proper medical care. Unfortunately, many of the most common birth injuries don’t present until long after the child’s delivery.

If Your Child Receives a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

One of the most common results of birth and delivery errors is the baby’s diagnosis with cerebral palsy (CP). CP is a complex condition that compromises motor skills and brain function, often involving some degree of paralysis. In many cases, CP results from events that occurred during the birth process. Unfortunately, diagnosis may come weeks, months or even years into the child’s life. If your baby has problems with muscle tone, reflexes, motor skills or coordination, it is important that diagnostic tests be administered as quickly as possible. Although CP does not yet have a cure, prompt and proper treatment is critical.

If you are a Utah resident whose child has suffered due to errors or other problems in the delivery room, contact the law offices of Rasmussen and Miner. These caring, compassionate legal professionals understand that you deserve answers. Call them to discuss your case if you believe your child has been the victim of errors in childbirth.