Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT understands that the injuries you are suffering from after a motorcycle accident may be severe and life-changing. We understand that you may be doing everything right: you worked hard to pass your motorcycle license exam, you wear safety clothing and gear on the road, and you are mindful of others and obey traffic laws. However, even when you are doing everything right, you can still get into an accident that lands you in the hospital and that overwhelms you with medical bills. If you are dealing with physical recovery and financial loss after a motorcycle accident, turn to the team at Rasmussen & Miner now. 

What are dangerous injuries after an accident? 

If you were thrown off of your motorcycle, you may be dealing with a brain injury or a spinal cord injury. When this is the case, you should look out for symptoms like:

  • Loss of consciousness 
  • Sleeping problems
  • Issues concentrating
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Speech problems
  • Confusion
  • Loss of feeling in your limbs 
  • Inability to move your limbs

If you are dealing with any combination of the above symptoms, you should seek help from a medical professional right away and call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

Recovering After a Motorcycle Accident 

When you are recovering after an accident, you may be aware that you will not fully recover. This is not only damaging to you physically but can be emotionally scarring as well. You may also begin to see your medical bills piling up and wonder how you will be able to pay them, especially if you are unable to return to work. Instead of carrying all of these concerns on your shoulders, you should be focused on getting the medical attention you need. When all of this seems to hit you at once, our team can help you by beginning the motorcycle injury claim process. We can try to get you compensation for things like: 

  • Pain and suffering 
  • Medical bills
  • Future accommodations for a disability 
  • Inability to earn wages

When it feels like your whole life has turned upside down, know that you can rely on our team. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and would like to speak with someone from Rasmussen & Miner, call us to talk with our Salt Lake City, Utah motorcycle accident lawyer today.