How UT No-Fault Insurance Works

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Fault Is Still Important in Your Accident Case

Utah is a no-fault state in regard to auto accidents. This doesn’t mean that fault is not important. It means that regardless of who was at fault, your own insurance will pay your first $3,000 in medical bills. That is a threshold amount. Until you meet this threshold (or have permanent impairment) you can’t bring a personal injury lawsuit against anyone.

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Why You Should Use Your No-Fault Benefits

The first and most important thing you should do after an accident is receive medical treatment. If you don’t use your no-fault medical coverage, you are foregoing benefits that you paid for. Obtaining medical care from an appropriate provider (a doctor, orthopedic surgeon or neurologist) will also help document your injuries if there is a dispute with the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Many people are concerned that using their no-fault insurance will affect their insurance rates. It won’t, particularly when you are not at fault for the accident.

What Happens After No-Fault

After your no-fault benefits are exhausted, or if you have a permanent injury, our lawyers will file a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the at-fault driver.

Insurance Subrogation: Reimbursing Your Own Health Insurance Company

Once you collect damages in a personal injury case, your own health insurance company will expect reimbursement for any medical expenses it covered. Our lawyers will negotiate with your health insurance carrier to ensure that you end up with the most money in your pocket after your case is resolved.

Compensation for Lost Wages

In addition to medical expenses, no-fault auto insurance will pay a percentage of lost wages for up to 52 weeks after the injury. However, no-fault won’t pay unless a doctor assesses you and puts you on work restriction.

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