Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT?

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

Motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

When you ride a motorcycle, you accept there is a chance you may be injured every time you get onto your bike. But even though you do that, it does not mean that if you or a loved one or injured while riding a motorcycle, that you have no legal steps you can take to help yourselves financially or medically. 

A motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can help you if you or a loved one is injured or killed while riding a motorcycle. However, you need to make sure what type of lawyer you are hiring. Some lawyers will take motorcycle cases for the money, they think it’s amazing when, but they have no experience in dealing with motorcycle accidents or the laws surrounding the road.

That is why when hiring a new motorcycle lawyer you need to make sure you ask them questions listed below are some questions to ask your attorney to ensure they are going to be a good fit for your case.

What Percentage of Your Cases Are Motorcycle Crashes? 

And a lawyer doesn’t need to just focus on motorcycle accident cases to be a good lawyer for your motorcycle accident injury or death case. But they need to have experience in fighting for people who ride motorcycles. There is a lot of negative connotation to people who ride a motorcycle and die or become injured while riding their motorcycle.

This is why you need to ask your lawyer if they can show you a list of successful outcomes specific to motorcycle accident or death cases.

How Many of Your Motorcycle Crash Cases Have Been Successful in Settling?  

Did you know that it actually does not matter how many motorcycle crash cases your lawyer has handled? What matters is how many they have handled and were successful in securing settlement 4. Your lawyer could work on thousands of motorcycle crash cases each year but only Take 5 to trial successfully, that’s probably not a lawyer you want to hire.

What Is My Case Worth? 

Your lawyer cannot give you a definitive answer on what your case is worth, but they can help you understand the value of your case. They do this by calculating your medical bills, damaged property, miss work, pain and suffering, and other factors. So they can give you a number to shoot for. This may not be what you’re going to get from the insurance company, but it’s something to shoot for, and that is going to help your case a lot if you know what you are worth.

Who Will I Communicate With and How Will I Communicate With Them?

When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you’re actually hiring their entire team, this means you’re going to have other law firm staff like paralegals assistant secretary and more in your inbox or on your phone or in your meetings then perhaps your actual attorney. This is because your attorney has a lot of work to do to get your case ready.

When you are in the process of hiring a new lawyer, make sure you ask how you receive updates, who will be giving you updates, and more. You should be able to tell your lawyer what you are most comfortable doing for communication and they should be able to accommodate you 

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash, speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT at Rasmussen & Miner today.