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Top Rated Bicycle Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City Utah Bicycle Accidents

If you have been injured in a bike accident, a top rated bicycle accident lawyer Salt Lake City Utah trusts from Rasmussen & Miner would be willing to listen to your story and let you know whether or not you have any legal options. A bike accident can include a collision with another cyclist, a vehicle, a truck, pedestrian, and more. Due to the complex nature of these claims, it’s prudent to speak with a Salt Lake bicycle accident lawyer sooner rather than later, as there are statutes of limitations in place. To discuss your case, call Rasmussen & Miner today at (801) 363-8500.

Salt Lake City Bike Accidents

Any accident can be devastating; however, those that involve bicycles can cause serious, life-threatening injuries. Oftentimes, an injured cyclist will need to take time away from work or school while also trying to figure out how to cover medical expenses and losses. Feelings of anger, confusion, and worry might prevail, especially if your insurance is not willing to cover your bills. But speaking to a top rated bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City Utah for addressing these kinds of cases can remind you: there is hope.

If negligence was a factor in your accident, and it often is, you may be able to seek compensation. A bicycle accident lawyer in Salt Lake City Utah from our firm can aggressively fight for your rights, and seek maximum compensation for all of your losses.

Previous Cases

We have handled thousands of personal injury claims, including bike accidents. Some of these involve such elements as:

  • A motorist hitting a cyclist riding in the bike lane;
  • A dog chasing a cyclist, leading to a crash;
  • A cyclist crashing into another cyclist;
  • Intimidation by a pedestrian or driver, leading to a crash;
  • A road obstacle;
  • A defective bicycle part; and
  • Insurance disputes and false accusations.

The aforementioned are only a few factors involved in the cases we have successfully won. To discuss your own case, please call (801) 363-8500 to speak with a top rated bicycle accident lawyer Salt Lake City Utah cyclists trust.

How a Bicycle Accident Lawyer Might Help

Surmounting medical expenses and confusion about what your insurance will cover might only be the beginning following a bike accident. Pain, suffering, stress, and lost wages can enter into the picture and become overwhelming. You might also be dealing with insurance adjusters who make false promises and try to reassure you that you don’t need a lawyer. But the truth is, you have little to lose from contacting a top rated bicycle accident lawyers Salt Lake City Utah knows can be relied upon for advice. If your claim is worth pursuing legally, our firm will let you know.

By choosing to have a lawyer on your side, issues such as the following may be taken care of:

  • Maintaining communication with insurance companies
  • Finding solutions to your medical expenses while you wait for a settlement
  • Proving liability or negligence
  • Resolving any existing disputes
  • Negotiating for maximum compensation
  • Building a defense that is solid enough to present in a courtroom
  • Providing you and your family with support

A bicycle accident lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner will be equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and experience you may need for a successful settlement. By choosing an attorney from Rasmussen & Miner to be your legal advocate, you can feel peace of mind in knowing your case is in good hands. Whether you crashed after your bike broke, or were been doored, cut off, side-swiped, or rear-ended, we want to hear from you. For a consultation with a top rated bicycle accident lawyer Salt Lake City Utah residents turn to, please call Rasmussen & Miner today at (801) 363-8500.