What Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT Do For Me?

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What Can a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT Do For Me?

Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can be difficult, especially if you are considering doing it on your own. Medical malpractice can be extremely complicated and it is important to understand that when it comes to filing this type of lawsuit against a medical professional—especially a hospital—they will likely have very deep pockets and be more than willing to argue against your claims with their own set of attorneys. Working with an attorney from Rasmussen & Miner can ensure you have someone willing to fight on your behalf who can get the medical experts necessary to help with your suit. 

What can I expect when I work with an attorney? 

One question you may be asking is: “what can a medical malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT do for me?” One thing to keep in mind is that an attorney can help you when it comes to the statute of limitations for the state of Utah. Every state will have its own laws regarding how long you will have to file your suit after you realized you were injured or made ill. Filing your case after the deadline for the statute of limitations has passed means that the hospital will most likely ask the court to dismiss the case altogether. This means you never really got your chance to argue for damages. 

So, if a surgeon left an instrument in you and you did not realize it until a year after the surgery, your attorney could argue that you still have two years from finding out that you had the medical instrument in you to file your suit. 

Your Attorney Can Help With the Notice of Intent

When you are planning to file a suit against the hospital, your attorney will help you draft your notice. This is when you provide your health care provider with 90 days’ notice that you are intending to file a suit against them. This notice will need to have information like which healthcare providers were involved in the incident, when the alleged injury occurred, and what your claims against them are. 

For someone without a legal background, filing all of the necessary paperwork can be difficult. However, when you work with an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice in the state of Utah, you know you are working with someone you can trust for your case. If you need more information on how to get started, contact Rasmussen & Miner now.