Who Can Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

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Who Can Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

After a loved one’s passing, you probably want to know what can be done to get compensation for their loss. Although no amount of money could ever bring your loved one back, if you believe their cause of death was from someone else’s negligence, you may decide that pursuing legal action is the best way to help with costs like the funeral, medical bills, and even loss of companionship. If this is the case, consider contacting Rasmussen & Miner, Attorneys at Law. We believe that you should not be forced to go through the grieving process as well as cover monetary losses after their death. Call our office to schedule a consultation with us today. 

Getting Help for Your Claim

Are you wondering who can hire a wrongful death lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT? The answer is usually going to be the deceased’s personal representative. This could be:

  • Their spouse
  • Their child
  • Their parents

In the event that none of the above parties are alive, it is possible for other specific relatives to bring forward a wrongful death claim. This can be a great help to those who were financially dependent on the deceased and it can even help the remaining relatives through the grieving process. 

Are there specific damages we could win with a wrongful death claim? 

Yes. It is possible to win both economic and non-economic losses after your loved one’s death. Some of these losses are:

  • Lost past and future wages
  • Pain and suffering that the surviving members of the family have endured
  • Loss of companionship
  • Burial expenses
  • Loss of guidance

In some instances, you could receive punitive damages and it is important to speak with a trusted attorney to learn what else there may be. If, for example, the defendant was acting especially reckless or their actions were intentional at the time of your loved one’s death, your lawyer may suggest filing for punitive damages. These types of damages are not necessarily there to help you win a type of economic damage, but they are there to punish the person who caused your loved one’s death in particularly bad situations. 

Who can I turn to for help? 

When you are grieving the loss of your loved one, consider filing a wrongful death suit. The trusted attorneys at Rasmussen & Miner, Attorneys at Law are here when you would like to begin this process. Reach out to our trusted team of attorneys now.