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If you were charged with a DWI in Utah, you may wish to consult with an experienced DWI How UT No-Fault Insurance Workslawyer Salt Lake City holds in high regard as soon as possible. He or she can listen to your concerns and may prevent you from making mistakes that might hurt your case.

When searching for a DWI lawyer Salt Lake City can provide, you may have concerns about how to proceed. Staying aware of common mistakes may help you avoid these problems. Here are some common mistakes individuals make when arrested with a DWI:

1.Automatically Pleading Guilty

If your blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when you were pulled over, you may think that you have no choice but to plead guilty. However, it may still possible that the test is inadmissible in court and cannot be used against you. For example, if the police officer who pulled you over did not administer the test properly, you may have ground for dismissal. If you speak to an experienced DWI lawyer Salt Lake City trusts, he or she may investigate your case and determine if the sobriety test can be used against you or not.

2.Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License

When you are charged with a DWI, the judge may suspend your driver’s license at your first hearing. Although it can be frustrating to lose your license, driving on a suspended driver’s license is not a good idea. It could negatively affect your case if you are caught doing so.

3.Taking the Prosecutor’s First Plea Deal

Dealing a DWI charge can be emotionally draining and you may be tempted to accept the first plea deal the prosecuting attorney offers. This may not be a wise decision. The prosecutor may be offering you a poor deal. When you hire a DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City, your lawyer may be able to work out a better deal with the prosecuting attorney.

4.Not Taking Your Charges Seriously

If you are arrested for a DWI, it’s important to take your charge seriously. If you are convicted, you could face many serious repercussions such as jail time, fewer job opportunities, and strained personal relationships. Consulting with a Salt Lake City DWI lawyer as soon as possible may improve your chances of avoiding a conviction.

5.Not Speaking with a DWI lawyer Salt Lake City Residents Trust

Do not wait to make an appointment to see a DWI lawyer Salt Lake City counts on. At Rasmussen & Miner, we offer free initial consultations that allow us to evaluate all evidence and determine possible ways of defending each client.

Be sure to ask a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City offers about his or her professional litigation experience. Find out how many similar cases he or she has dealt with in the past and what his or her success rate is. Also, ask the lawyer about his or her current caseload.

If you are looking for a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City respects, contact Rasmussen & Miner.

Potential Consequences of a DWI

Initially, the consequences of a first offense DWI might not seem all that frightening. After all, you have a clean driving record. What you may not know, though, is that Utah is one of the toughest states on drunk driving. In fact, even a first offense can result in serious and lasting consequences. Learn about these consequences, and how a DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City can help mitigate against them, with help from the following information.

Suspension of a License

Upon conviction of the first DWI, the license of a driver is typically suspended for at least a year, provided they submitted a chemical test. If the driver refused a chemical test, driving privileges are suspended for at least a year. Some may be able to seek relief from this consequence through a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP) after their conviction.

Having an MDDP means driving with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) during the entire suspension period. This device prevents the convicted driver from starting their vehicle while intoxicated. It also cues the authorities when repeated attempts are made at doing so (which could result in additional penalties).

Criminal Penalties

A DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City knows that although the suspension of a license may be a minor inconvenience for some, criminal penalties typically affect all convicted DWI offenders. They experience possible jail time or probation, may face fines of up to $1,300 and have a misdemeanor on their permanent record. Furthermore, if they are ever caught driving under the influence again, it automatically becomes a second offense DWI, regardless of how much time has passed between the two convictions. This occurs because Utah’s lookback period – the time over which a DWI conviction counts toward a subsequent offense – lasts for the life of the driver.

Collateral Consequences

Not all consequences of a DWI conviction can be measured. Collateral consequences of a DWI – those are not imposed by the state but directly impact the life of the driver – also exist. Examples of such consequences include a misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record, increased insurance costs, and even decreased options when it comes to employment or housing opportunities.

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