Auto Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

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Almost everyone, at some point in their lives, will have an auto accident and need the services of a seasoned auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT victims rely on.  In order to understand the various rights and responsibilities you have arising out of your accident you must have a basic understanding of your auto policy.  Your policy will have separate coverages for:  Liability, Property Damage, No-Fault Insurance, (commonly called personal injury protection) and Uninsured and Underinsured.  An experienced auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT should walk you through all parts of your policy and see how to maximize your return.


The liability portion of your policy covers you for the injuries you may inflict on other parties.  Many times a driver may injure members of his own family who are innocent passengers in a vehicle he is operating.  A knowledgeable auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT turns to for help would explain that it is entirely appropriate for a driver to facilitate claims for innocent passengers of his vehicle.


I often hear people complain that their attorney took no interest in their property damage claim.  A thorough auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents respect can help assist his client with their damage claim and should have property damage experts to assure fair compensation.  Your attorney should also get detailed pictures and assessments of the damage to your auto to document the force and violence of the collision.


Utah is a No-Fault State.  That doesn’t mean that fault is not important, but that there are certain “thresholds” which must be met before you may bring an action.  A helpful auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer may explain that you must have at least $3,000.00 in medical expenses related to the accident, or a permanent injury or disfigurement before you can bring a claim against an at-fault driver.  In discussing contingency fees with an attorney make sure that he does not include no-fault benefits within his contingency fee.  No-fault benefits are yours irrespective of fault and you would receive them irrespective of an attorney’s efforts.


An experienced auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT will always advise you to get generous uninsured and underinsured coverages.  Why?  The most likely people to drive irresponsibly and cause serious injury are the very same drivers with no or minimal coverage. When you purchase this coverage you are essentially insuring yourself against all uninsured and underinsured drivers.  When meeting with your agent and attempting to lower the price of your coverage it is possible to waive this type of insurance.


This coverage is the only protection you may have against all those drivers operating motor vehicles without licenses…much less insurance.  A knowledgeable auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts will further inform you that this insurance is what is known as “first party coverage” and that your own insurance company has an enhanced duty to treat you fairly in arriving at a just settlement.