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Gavel and Stethoscope on Reflective Wooden Table.As an experienced hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT can provide might attest, acts of negligence in a hospital setting might actually cause severe harm to patients. While some mistakes in hospitals do not cause substantial harm, others may be so serious that the injured party could collect financial damages.

Cases involving hospital negligence may be incredibly complex, as a hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts might explain. These cases might be very time- and labor-intensive, but they might also result in substantial settlements for legitimate injury victims.

There are three basic parts of any standard medical malpractice claim that must be proven if the injured victim wishes to collect a settlement. These three elements would also likely come into play in a hospital negligence case.

1. The hospital (or a staff member) had a duty to care for the patient.

“Duty of care” is something that is often referenced in medical malpractice cases. This element is based on the existence of a relationship between the patient and the medical professional. The relationship can be anything from a nurse who is assigned to care for certain patients or a doctor who has provided ongoing care to a patient.

Establishing this relationship is usually simple when a patient regularly sees an assigned doctor. It may be more difficult to determine the duty of care in a hospital setting where a patient sees several doctors or nurses. However, as an experienced hospital negligence lawyer in Salt Lake City UT may explain, hospitals can sometimes be held liable for the negligent actions of a staff member.

2. The hospital (or a staff member) failed to provide a reasonable standard of care to the patient.

Hospitals have a certain duty to provide qualified care to their patients. Failing to meet certain standards of care will likely result in medical malpractice. Determining whether or not a medical professional failed to exercise reasonable care is something that may be contested during a hospital negligence case, and might call for counsel from a top hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT can provide.

3. The lack of care directly caused harm to the patient; had the standard of care been provided, the harm would have been avoided.

This last element is important for two reasons. Firstly, the injured patient must prove that the negligence caused harm. A doctor or nurse who makes a mistake that does not result in harm to the patient cannot be held liable for medical malpractice. Secondly, the patient must be able to prove that the mistake or negligence directly caused the injury.

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At Rasmussen & Miner, we know that a small mistake or act of negligence in a hospital might cause a great deal of damage. Even though patients undertake some amount of risk when they are treated in a hospital, mistakes that are particularly egregious or negligent might justify seeking counsel from a Salt Lake City UT hospital negligence lawyer.

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